A Beginners Guide to Printed Circuit Boards

pcb services Are you a new electronics appliance and equipment manufacturer and are looking to give your products a big boost? Then you need to know about printed circuit boards. Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are integral in our highly digitized world. They connect different electronic components in a device. A PCB consists of a substrate, electronic components, and copper traces. The base of the PCB itself is non-conductive but copper lines are etched on this base so as to electrically connect the different components. PCBs ensure precision and high-speed connectivity while being rugged in nature.Types of Printed Circuit Boards:

The different types of PCBs are listed below:


1. Single Sided Board: This kind of PCB, as the name suggests, has a single substrate. The electronic components are mounted on one side and the copper traces are etched on the other. The simplest of its kind, single-sided PCBs are used when the circuitry is simple and the budget is low.

2. Double Sided Board: Like the single-sided board, this PCB consists of a single substrate. The difference lies in the electronic components and copper traces, which are mounted and etched on both sides of the board. Thus, the number of components and conductor lines are much higher in a double sided board than in single-sided boards. This type of PCB uses through-hole and surface-mount construction to assemble the different components.

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A Brief Account about the Components Used in a Printer Circuit Board


Printed circuit boards are the heart of any electronic machine, and each PCB is crafted as per the demands of the electronic, that is its desired functions and utility.The quality of any particular printed circuit board is determined by the quality of its components.

Here’s a detailed account of the kind of components that go into making a PCB:
There are two basic types of components:

Passive components

Capacitors and resistors are the prime example of passive PCB components. These are the components that run without a power source. They are used stabilize or limit the flow of current in the PCB.

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