The Changing Times of the Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Industry

Expenditure is one of the most important factors when it comes to printed circuit board manufacturing. It is this important factor that led to the outsourcing boom in the PCB industry. Lately, there have been some immense changes taking place in the industry worldwide. These changes are directly related to cost competitiveness and the creation of quality enhanced products.

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a global management consultant firm, recently released research on dramatic changes taking place worldwide in terms of global PCB manufacturing cost competitiveness. According to the research, perception regarding nations that manufacture PCBs (both low and high cost) has changed radically, thanks to changes in global economies, labor, and infrastructure.

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What are the Various Types of Printed Circuit Boards?

Printed circuit boards are the integral part of modern day electronic devices. They are the self-contained modules used in electronics used in various industries such as end-user products, military equipment, medical devices, telecommunications etc.

Depending on the level of complexity used to build variety of automated and semi-automated electronic components, printed circuit boards fall into three main types:

Single-sided: They are so named because these PCBs have only one layer of substrate. One side of the substrate contains all electronic components on the surface and connecting pathways on the other side.

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