Best Practices for SMT Design and Manufacturing

The increasing level of automation in PCB manufacturing has led to the production of extremely fine pitch devices. Surface Mount Technology (SMT) design has been a huge catalyst for this result. Nonetheless, every PCB manufacturing process is bound to come across some limitations in terms of prototyping, mechanics, or manufacturing. For this reason, it is always important to ensure that certain best practices be maintained during the PCB design and manufacturing processes.

SMT Best Practices

The best practices given below are used to ensure that a SMT device can be manufactured.

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When to go for PCB Repairing and Troubleshooting Services ?

A business entity that develops electronic gadgets may face a situation when it is forced to completely replace a particular circuit board. However, an expert SMT manufacturing and repair services provider will be able to fix and troubleshoot design schematics and give new life to the device. Below mentioned are some scenarios when PCB repair and troubleshooting service will be helpful:

Repair – Many times, a fully functional circuit may fail to work without you even knowing the reason. Contractual repair services make comparison between faulty design and original schematics to determine and troubleshoot the underlying issues. This way, businesses can get it fixed without investing big money in replacement.

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Some Major Differences between Surface Mounting and Through-Hole Mounting

Often known to have simplified the PCB manufacturing industry, SMT is a relatively newer and modern technique of making circuit boards. It came after through-hole method of mounting. Take a look at how PCB surface mount manufacturing is different from its predecessor.

  • Surface mount has significantly helped in resolving the space issues which was common in through-hole. Now PCB makers are able to mount dense components on a smaller surface, making the product more compact.
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Major SMT components!

The conventional form of fitting components on the circuit board has completely changed in this modern era. The through-hole method has been revolutionized by the modern method called surface mount technology.

Surface mount devices or SMD’s made through SMT process comprise different types of components which are very small in size, have short pins, leads, flat contacts and BGA’s. Following is the categorization of SMD devices:

Passive SMD: This comprise of various resistors or capacitors which are of different package sizes like: 1812, 1206, 0805, 0603, 0402, and 0201. These sizes are based on the dimensions of hundreds of an inch. Depending on the size levels of resistors and capacitors they are also differentiated on the basis of the use of application.

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