Why is the use of SMT growing?

The common day SMT technique has made it possible for the process of PCB assembly to become streamlined and approachable. Amongst the many different modes of printed circuit board assembly, this is the most novel and advanced technique, hence it is being used across the world.

It is one of the most widely used techniques for the purpose of PCB assembly and the reasons for the same are:

Cost affectivity- SMT has proven to the cost effective as compared to the older methods of PCB assembly. The point to point and thru-hole methods have long been used in the industry, but are considered to be costlier; hence the introduction of SMT technique was able to save so much money for electronic manufacturers.

Ease of usage: Besides being extremely cost efficient, the use of SMT is also prevalent because of the ease with which it can be used. It is much easier to install and assemble that any of the processes used earlier.

Long term solutions- The use of SMT is also very commonly preferred these days because it is long-staying effects that can be seen relied upon.

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