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Capabilities of American Progressive Circuits,Inc


APC’s capabilities for manufacturing PCB’s are backed by our experienced staff members, a comprehensive list of all the necessary tools, and 16000 sq. feet of fully equipped facility.

What allows us to deliver fully customized services is the availability of a large arsenal of tools and services, which include:

  • Our engineering reviews Customer specs / Data file to create error free manufacturing process from start to finish with instructions.
  • Our Cad department review 100 % customer specs and Data file and print prior to cad process from DRC (Design rules check) to find any data / design issue and provide 100 % report and fix any design or manufacturing related errors prior to photo plot from provided Data file.
  • Maintain PCB Require Tolerance and overall PCB Dimension from Drilling to Fabrications.
  • We Follow and maintain IPC acceptability’s and ISO Procedure during production thru all departments.
  • We follow and use customer data and net list to check functionality of PCB by performing electrical test.
  • We follow IPC acceptability in Q.C during final inspections and compare and match all require customer specs.
  • Wide range of material process capabilities and select the type of require material from low temp to high temp Rigid Cem-1 to Cem-3 , FR4 to FR408 , GTEK , POLYAMIDE , ROGERS , are the most common types.
  • Availability of boards in different thickness:
  • Availability of up to 20 Layers of PCB Manufacturing to suit your every need
  • Blind And Buried Via holes and Depth Drilling
  • Filled Via with either Non Conductive Epoxy or Conductive Silver Ink
  • Board format capabilities of 18”X30”.
  • Can print fine pitch traces and pads less 5 mils and devices such as uBGA, BGA, CSP, QFN, QFP
  • Availability of BGA X-RAY
  • Copper surface finish Plating and Edge Copper plating available up to 6 OZ
  • Several choices of Solder Mask Colors like green,blue,black,yellow, red and white
  • We use peelable masks on the surface in conjunction with Filled Plated thru Holes
  • Verities of surface finish Roh’s or Non Roh’s such as Tin/Lead, Lead free ,Immersion Gold Or silver and nickel…
  • Fabrication of Individual or Panelize Tab Route or Score and Route or Die Punch
  • Milling Jump Scoring Counter Sink and Counter Bore
  • We use Net List Testing Fixture and Fixture less Flying Probe Testing
  • We use Shrink Wrap with proper Labeling Shipping
PCB Manufacturing & Design
PCB Manufacturing Testing & Inspection
PCB Prototype Manufacturing
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