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Printed circuit board assembly is one of the most important processes in PCB manufacturing. PCB assembly can be used not only for a brand new PCB design, but also to upgrade an existing PCB to new industry requirements. At APC, we provide outstanding services related to PCB assembly. We give special attention to this process to ensure that it will meet the expectations of our clients and global standards as well.

The APC PCB Assembly Process

We follow a meticulous process so that our products will be assembled quickly and to industry quality standards.

  • Component Placement: After receiving the printed circuit board, we attach all the electronic components to the PCB. Depending on the client’s requirements, we use PTH or SMT technology to place the components on the PCB. We utilize high quality component placement machines to quickly and effectively complete the placement process.

  • Component Soldering: Irrespective of whether PTH or SMT technology is used, we utilize molten metal soldering to affix the components to the PCB. To ensure that the assembly process is finished within time and to exacting specifications, wave soldering machines are used to quickly perform the component soldering process. After this, the PCBs are placed in industrial grade reflow ovens to cure the solder and secure all circuits and connections.

  • PCB Testing and Inspection: This is the most critical operation before packaging and delivery. At APC, we do not leave anything to chance. Depending on the design, we employ one or more of the following inspection procedures – Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), Manual Inspection, or Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI). We also perform tests to confirm various aspects such as quality control, in-circuit performance, and overall PCB function.

We at APC even have the capabilities to provide a combination of PTH and SMT PCB assemblies for extreme applications. Be it speed, quality, or attention to detail, you will find incomparable PCB assembly services only at APC.

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