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American Progressive Circuits, Inc Comprehensive Equipment List

Comprehensive Equipment List

  • Complete Manufacturing Software to set Manufacturing Process.
  • E-Cam Stations to view Customer Drawing and Specs and 100% DRC check prior to Manufacturing.
  • NC-Cam for Programming and Engineering.
  • Excellon 4-CNC & 2-Routers Drill with Ball & Air Bearing Spindles.
  • Anita Jump Scoring Machine.
  • ASI Electro less Plated thru line with desmear process.
  • Two Olec 8K Exposer,Two Laminator,One Developer.
  • Two Acid Copper tanks and solder tank with ASI etcher.
  • CMI Copper measurements thru hole and surface machine.
  • Avalon Hot Air Level Machine.
  • Three Screen Station with Three Oven Backing Units.
  • Two Mania Electrical Testing Machine With Net List Fixturing Functions.
  • Inspection scopes and misc. solder/de-Solder equipments.
  • Two Fabrications Machines and Edge Bevelor.
  • Three Final Inspections Stations with Scopes.

     And Many More Facilities to Support any Process.

PCB Manufacturing & Design
PCB Manufacturing Testing & Inspection
PCB Prototype Manufacturing
Local and Off-Shore PCB Manufacturing

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