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PCB Manufacturing and Designing Process

PCB Manufacturing & Design

Creating Repeated Success with Cutting-edge Printed Circuit Board Design and Manufacturing

At APC, we understand that clients require specially designed printed circuit boards to meet the needs of a specific industrial application. To ensure that we consistently provide PCBs of global industrial standards, we have taken immense efforts to bring in the latest designing and manufacturing machineries as well as experienced employees.

Achieving a Standard of PCB Design and Manufacturing

Our commitment is towards manufacturing quality and excellence along with professionalism. We utilize only high grade materials and carefully monitor their use in the entire design and manufacturing processes. These include the board material, solder paste, components, silk screens, etc. We carefully choose raw materials so the PCB will be extremely efficient when in use in an application.

A great amount of attention is given to the design and prototyping phases. This allows us to create custom printed circuit board designs according to the client’s specifications and eliminate maximum errors before the manufacturing process. Our testing and inspection processes, which are stringently conducted after the production stage, ensure that the final product is fully functional and will provide a long service life.

This general standard of design and manufacturing means that clients will receive the quality they are looking for, regardless of the size of the project.

The following techniques and technologies have supported us in reaching this goal.

  • Our engineering team reviews customer specifications and data files to create an error-free manufacturing process from start to finish with instructions.
  • Our CAD department reviews 100 % customer specifications and data files. We print these prior to the CAD process from DRC (Design Rules Check) to find any data / design issue. We then provide 100 % report and fix any design or manufacturing related errors prior to photo plot from the provided Data file.
  • We select the required material from low temp to high temp Rigid Cem-1 to Cem-3, FR4 to FR408, GTEK, POLYAMIDE, ROGERS, Metal Core (Aluminum) are the most common types.
  • We maintain overall PCB thickness with required tolerance and overall PCB dimension from start to finish and from drilling to fabrication.
  • We follow and maintain IPC acceptability’s and ISO Procedure during production across all departments.
  • We follow and use customer data and net list to check functionality of PCB by performing electrical tests.
  • We follow IPC acceptability in QC during final inspections and compare and match all require customer specifications.


The success of our printed circuit board designs have helped us create an enormous client list from various industries including healthcare, automobiles, energy, electronics, security, and telecommunication, to name only a few.

PCB Manufacturing & Design
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PCB Prototype Manufacturing
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